【have, do, make, take, break, get】単語と単語の繋がりを覚えよう!~コロケーションを使った暗記法~

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No more word-to-word translations!

もっと英語に興味のある人へ:【英単語一覧】感情を伝える形容詞~positive VS. negative~

1.Have (collocations) ~ haveを使った単語の繋がり~

HAVE Collocations (語と語の繋がり)
have a bath have a haircut have a scrub
have a break have a holiday have a shave
have a chat have a jog have a shower
have a coffee have a lecture have a snack
have a conversation have a lesson have a snooze
have a dance have a lie down have a stretch
have a day off have a look have a sweet
have a decision have a meal have a swim
have a dispute have a nap have a talk
have a dream have a party have a think
have a drill have a problem have a walk
have a drink have a quarrel have a wash
have a fight have a relationship have an accident
have a game have a rest have an argument
have a good time have a run have fun


2.Do (collocations) ~ doを使った単語の繋がり~

DO Collocations (語と語の繋がり)
Do a course Do harm Do the ironing
Do a deal Do homework Do the laundry
Do a favour Do laundry Do the math
Do a good job Do nothing Do the maximum
Do a report Do research Do the minimum
Do a terrible job Do someone a favor Do the paperwork
Do anything Do someone’s hair Do the right thing
Do badly Do something right Do the shopping
Do better Do something wrong Do the washing up
Do business Do sums Do well
Do damage Do the cleaning Do work
Do exercise Do the cooking Do your best
Do experiments Do the crossword Do your duty
Do good Do the dishes Do your hair
Do gymnastics Do the housework Do your makeup


3.MAKE (collocations) ~ makeを使った単語の繋がり~

MAKE Collocations (語と語の繋がり)
Make a cake Make a fortune Make a presentation
Make a call Make a fuss Make a profit
Make a choice Make a habit Make a promise
Make a comment Make a joke Make a recovery
Make a complaint Make a list Make a reservation
Make a confession Make a living Make a rude gesture
Make a contract Make a mess Make a salad
Make a cup of tea Make a mistake Make a sales call
Make a deal Make a move Make a sandwich
Make a decision Make a noise Make a snack
Make a difference Make a note (of) Make a sound
Make a discovery Make a pass at Make a speech
Make a dress Make a phone call Make a statement
Make a fire Make a point Make a suggestion
Make a fool of yourself Make a prediction Make a takeover bid


4.TAKE (collocations) ~ takeを使った単語の繋がり~

TAKE Collocations (語と語の繋がり)
Take a bite Take a rest Take drugs
Take a bow Take a risk Take exercise
Take a break Take a seat Take medicine
Take a call Take a shower Take notes
Take a chance Take a step Take notice
Take a class Take a taxi Take one to court
Take a decision Take a test Take one’s temperature
Take a holiday Take a while Take part
Take a lesson Take action Take place
Take a look Take advantage of Take pride in
Take a message Take advice Take somebody’s place
Take a nap Take ages Take time
Take a number Take an exam Take turns
Take a photo Take care of Take up space
Take a picture Take charge of Take your time


5.BREAK (collocations) ~ breakを使った単語の繋がり~

BREAK Collocations (語と語の繋がり)
Break a bone Break loose
Break a bone Break new ground
Break a code Break one’s fall
Break a habit Break someone’s heart
Break a law Break the ice
Break a leg Break the law
Break a promise Break the news
Break a record Break the news to someone
Break a window Break the rules
Break even Break the silence
Break ground Break the spell


6.GET(collocations) ~ getを使った単語の繋がり~

GET Collocations (語と語の繋がり)
Get a call Get dark Get one’s hair cut
Get a chance Get divorced Get out of breath
Get a clue Get dressed Get permission
Get a cold Get drunk Get pregnant
Get a degree Get fired Get ready for
Get a diploma Get frightened Get sleep
Get a job Get good/top/bad marks Get started
Get a joke Get home Get stuck
Get a shock Get hot Get the impression
Get a splitting headache Get hungry Get the message
Get a tan Get into trouble Get tired
Get a ticket Get lost Get together
Get angry Get married Get upset
Get changed Get nowhere Get wet
Get cool Get old Get worried